Getting Started

Please report any problems you have installing or using Doxhooks.

1. Install Python

Doxhooks requires Python 3.3 (or a newer version).


It is unnecessary and probably a bad idea to uninstall Python 2.

Mac and Windows users can download Python and install it. *nix users can use their package manager.

2. Install pip

Doxhooks can be installed by pip.

pip is bundled with Python 3.4 (and newer versions). Install pip with the command:

Mac and *nix:python3 -m ensurepip
Windows:py -3 -m ensurepip

Some *nix distributions remove the bundled pip to a separate package.

pip is not bundled with Python 3.3. Download the get-pip script then install pip with the command:

Mac and *nix:python3
Windows:py -3

3. Install Doxhooks

Install Doxhooks with the command:

Mac, *nix and Windows:
 pip3 install doxhooks

4. Use Doxhooks

Copy and paste the files from one of the Doxhooks examples. Run the example script with the command:

Mac and *nix:./ (or python3 (or py

Then edit and expand upon to fit your project.